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Herbal Recipes


HERBAL VINEGARS A pantry full of herbal vinegars is a constant delight. Preserving fresh herbs and roots in vinegar is an easy way to capture their nourishing goodness. It's easy too. You don't even have to have an herb garden.

HERBAL TINCTURES Learn to make your own herbal tinctures and liquid extracts. Tinctures are easily absorbed and assimilated by the body, and are easy to measure out.

HERBAL INFUSED OILS Making herbal infused oils is an acquired skill that requires a bit of practice. But with patience and perserverence you could soon have a pantry full of amazing medicinal oils to pamper yourself and your family and help restore balance to body, mind and spirit!

LICORICE HONEY COUGH SYRUP Find out how to make your own herbal cough syrup! This herbal medicine can be easily made at home and is devoid of the artificial flavors and coloring found in commercial products.


FIRE CIDER Fire Cider is an inexpensive, effective way to treat or stave off colds & flus, and to break up congestion.

ALMOND FLAX GRANOLA Start your day with healthy homemade granola for breakfast! This recipe is vegan, and it contains wholesome all-natural ingredients. Making your own granola is extremely easy and you can adapt the recipe to include any ingredients you wish!

GROW YOUR OWN SPROUTS All natural edible sprouts from organic sprouting seeds offer both flavor and nutrients for culinary dishes throughout the world and have become a staple for many worldwide diets.


NATURAL HAND SANITIZERS A natural alternative to commercial chemical santizers. It's quick and easy to make your own natural, waterless hand sanitizer.

HERBAL LIP BALM Lip balm is truly one of the easiest and most inexpensive products to create. Once that you have created your own homemade lip balm, it is almost impossible to muster up $3.00 for a tube of inferior stuff at the store.