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Looking for the best source for holistic formulas?
In my humble opinion, Native Remedies is by far the best place for specially formulated, compound natural remedies.
Delivering a unique dual-modality approach for complete holistic wellness Native Remedies offers OTC homeopathic remedies for relief of symptoms as well as compound herbal remedies for natural support and enhancement of body structure and functions.

Native Remedies also has unsurpassed customer service and fast affordable shipping. Plus, Native Remedies provides the tools to both manage and mitigate symptoms for immediate relief, while supporting systemic health for long-term wellness.

As recent as a few decades ago, homeopathic, herbal and other natural medicines like tissue salts and flower essences were commonly available and freely used even by conventional doctors.

Homeopathic Remedies treat the acute symptoms of a condition and stimulate the body to begin the healing process.

Herbal Remedies work on the cause of the problem by improving systemic functioning and supporting the organ, body system or individual as a whole.

Tissue Salts, which are also homeopathic, bring about harmony in the body as a whole by restoring balance.

Flower Essences address both emotional and mental aspects of wellness and work to re-balance energy to return order to chaos.

Native Remedies formulas are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards using only the best quality raw ingredients from nature's medicine chest. Learn more about the full spectrum method of extraction for full details and more reasons so many people choose and trust Native Remedies.

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