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Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

I get lots of email asking about the best place to buy herbs online. Without a doubt, Mountain Rose Herbs is my top pick!

Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has been offering the freshest herbs and the best customer service you can find anywhere. They offer the absolute best in quality organic herbal products at very competitive prices.

I had the pleasure of visiting Mountain rose Herbs facility in Eugene, Oregon last year and it was a truly inspiring experience!

A Company That Cares
All of the products processed and offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are handled, analyzed and supervised by a full time quality control department. Every aspect of each product, from the procurement, and the receiving, to the processing and packaging, is done in accordance to strict quality control and organic handling procedures.
The products they offer you are guaranteed fresh, fragrant and colorful, and unlike traditional suppliers of herbal products who keep their merchandise stored in warehouses for several years, Mountain Rose Herbs will never sell or stock products that are more than a few months from harvest (except for seasonal items). This in itself guarantees you a fresh, and effective botanical preparation.

Mountain Rose Herbs incorporates its passion for organics into every fiber and thread of its operational foundation.
They offer one of the most thorough selections of certified organic herbs, spices and botanicals today, and contrary to other companies who will supply both an organic and conventional variety, organics remain their first and only choice regardless of price or profit!

Using Recycled and Non-Toxic Materials
All invoices, flyers, brochures and other paper materials printed for customers by Mountain Rose Herbs is done on 100% post consumer waste material.

Shipping Materials
At Mountain Rose Herbs packaging material is tediously screened by other green businesses who work within the same paradigm. They use recycled post-consumer newsprint to cushion your order, their boxes used for shipping your orders are made from 100% post-consumer corrugation material, and the plastic bubble wrap used for breakables and glass is manufactured from 25% recycled post-consumer plastic. The paper used for inserts, invoices, brochures, etc is always made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Even the peanuts which are occasionally used in parcels are salvaged and cleaned from other companies and individuals.

Chemical Free Facility
Mountain Rose Herbs does not use, nor allow within its facility, chemical cleaning agents, bleaches, synthetic and chemical based soaps, ammonia, chlorine, dioxide, commercial pest repellents, fumigants, or other synthetic agents which are harmful to people and the environment. Pest management practices include the use of sonic repellers, pheromone traps, and the vigilant application of both diatomaceous earth and pyrethrum powder. They do not fumigate or use chemical killing agents. All cleaning products used within their facilities are 100% natural, bio-degradable and are approved for use within certified organic facilities.

Zero Waste Company
Mountain Rose Herbs is a successful "Zero Waste" company where any perceived materials which might be regarded as waste are either recycled, re-used, composted, reclaimed, or brought back into the production cycle.
Everything is collected and sorted for proper reclamation including the backs of labels, plastic bags, scrap metal from barrels, poly-woven bags, herbal refuse material, buckets, oil and much more!

Recycling Programs
Virtually all waste generated by Mountain Rose Herbs is either recycled or salvaged. All office paper, metal and plastic drums, scrap paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, plastic, steel, and wood is salvaged and recycled. The standards are set so high that recyclable materials found in trash cans is often a punishable offense! All waste oil from their bulk vegetable and carrier oil division is collected for bio-diesel salvage which amounts to nearly 50-60 gallons a month, and all dried botanical refuse material is collected for composting at local facilities and nurseries which amounts to nearly 3000-5000 pounds annually.

I am proud to recommend Mountain Rose Herbs to our readers, and you can feel good about supporting a great company like theirs when you order your herbs online.