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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Herbs for Internal and External Cleansing

Guest blogger Tess Thompson
In the pursuit of progress, we have inadvertently impacted our health in a negative way. Experts are now wondering whether progress has been worth the health hazards that it has brought along with it.

The consequences of progress have been less quality time, a dependence on comforts, a desire for material possessions and the like. These in turn have ensured that almost all of us get caught in the daily grind to earn more and ensure better physical comforts for ourselves. What we have forgotten is that while in this struggle for success, we are ignoring the one gift that we have all been provided – our bodies. The first thing that we compromise is the quality of food that we eat and the amount of effort we are willing to put behind arranging a healthy meal.

Consider the dangers; fast foods, preservatives and pesticides provide no additional nutritional value. Quick-fix drugs suppress symptoms and increase the amount of toxins in our body. Further, environmental pollution compounds the toxic effect on humans.

All of these factors result in an overburdening of the body with toxins. The body’s natural detox system cannot handle this level of toxins on its own. A body laden with toxins is an invitation for ailments like allergies, insomnia and asthma. Headaches, fatigue, tension, a coated tongue and acne are also common symptoms that indicate an increased level of toxins in the body.

Regular cleansing of the internal body has become more crucial than ever before. Herbal detox is one method of detoxifying your body naturally. Our ancestors probably knew the threat posed by toxins, and even though they were not as exposed to toxins as we are today, they ensured that their diets included detox-friendly herbs. This ensured that the level of toxins in their bodies never really increased beyond manageable levels.

Herbs can help in the detoxification process by aiding the organs that help in natural detoxification. These include the liver, urinary system, digestive systems, skin and lungs. The herbs used in various detox treatments can be classified based on the organ they work upon. Herbal remedies can be prepared from these herbs based on specific individual conditions:

Laxatives and diuretics herbs

* Licorice root
* Psyllium seed
* Alfalfa
* Yucca root
* Violet leaf
* Guar gum
* Marshmallow root

Herbs that provide support to the liver

* Cascara sagrada bark
* Milk thistle seed
* Dandelion

Parasite expeller herbs

* Black walnut hull
* Pumpkin seed

Herbs that soothe irritated digestive and urinary tracts

* Irish Moss
* Passionflower leaf

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs

* Witch hazel bark, twigs, and leaves
* Capsicum
* Gentian root
* Cranberry

Multipurpose herbs ( Demulcents, blood purifiers, energizers, laxatives and diuretics)

* Horsetail
* Slippery elm bark
* Mullein leaf
* Black cohosh
* Burdock root
* Echinacea
* Fennel seed
* Fenugreek
* Ginger root
* Papaya

There are many herbal detox products that are prepared using a combination of these herbs. These products are developed for various specific needs like balancing sugar levels, breaking down organic wastes in the body, calming tense nerves, neutralizing acidity and loosening hardened phlegm in the lungs.

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