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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Summary ~ March Right In

Here's a summary of some of the wonderful things I came upon this week in Cyberland...

A beautiful chick blogs for a boy who digs chicks...
One of my fav gardending writers on Twitter, @redwhiteandgrew did a great guest blog called Victory Gardens Are Here Again! on another of my favorite Twitter friend's blog; @happychickens If you haven't yet visited this young man's website - please do. You'll be glad you did!


Social Networking for Mompreneurs - Moms to Follow

Lori Redfield from Freelancemom.com has compiled "a great list of women who both blog and are on Twitter that I have found to be approachable, particularly insightful or creative, or just plain fun to be around:"

I'm so honored to be included, and have had a blast getting familiar with the other moms. Very inspiring, check it out. freelancemoms.com


Don't Drink That!

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, a rancher raising grass fed/finished beef selling Premium Soil Conditioner Teas for Container/Home gardening 100% naturall garden products for your soil. Check out this wonderful line of soil conditioning teas and read the great review over at freedomblogging.com ~ What’s a manure teabag? You can follow @greensoil on Twitter as well - great Tweets!


Ring Around Katie

Earlier this week Katie, of GardenPunks.com, went into the hospital with what she thought was a case of the flu. It has since been discovered that it is something far more serious.
Read this touching story ~ #FightKatie Garden Bloggers Rally Around One of Their Own and keep Katie in the circle of love & light.


To Plant or To Transplant, That is the Question
Tee Riddle from veggiegardener.com posted a truly useful list of gardening tips that I was psuched to find and save: When To Use Seeds Or Transplants In The Vegetable Garden Follow him on Twitter @TeeRiddle ~ tons of useful info and a really good egg.

Fresh Chicken Broth: Achieving a Solid Gel

Jenny over at The Nourished Kitchen shows us how to make a stellar chicken stock in Traditional Foods style! Folow Jenny on Twitter @NourishedMama


Don't Suck

I love these awesome T-Shirts from Mountain Rose Herbs ~ wish they came in different colors - but I guess black wouldn't show dirt, right?

Welcome to March Everyone.

The first day of Springis March 20th!

Thanks so much for reading.


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  1. Love the link to the Tee Shirts. I am awaiting March 20th like a hawk. I just hope it is warm by then. I am really behind on my yard this year because of the weather.. I am ready to dig in the ground.